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The JSlideshow program has been designed to make animated slideshows / slideshows for websites extremely simple. It is intended for all audiences, webmasters, web developers, amateurs or professionals.

It contains all the tools needed to create a slideshow in just a few lines of code. It is easily configurable, editable and extensible, making it an extremely versatile solution.


Custom creation

To satisfy all requests, we also offer a customized animated slideshow service.

Whether you want a simple or complex slideshow, with graphics, animations or specific interactions, this service is for you.

The numerous possibilities offered by JSlideshow and the integrated Phaser library allow the creation of all types of animated multimedia slideshows, integrating at will: graphics, still images, sprites, videos, audio, animations, GLSL shaders, user interactions, And much more...

Our developers and partners, professionals trained in the programming of JSlideshow and Phaser, will provide all the answers to your questions and satisfy all requests, including the most extravagant.

They will realize and install the slideshow to meet all your needs, in collaboration with your graphic designers, webmasters, web developers if necessary.

Service Details

We will study together the service best suited to your needs, define a specification and delivery time.

Once the contract is signed, we will proceed to the realization of your slide show.

You will then have the opportunity to follow the progress of your slideshow, from the first model to the final version.

After validation by you, your program will be delivered by dematerialized voice (download or by mail) or on physical media (USB key, SD card or CD).

If you entrust us with the installation on your supports, we will proceed to the installation.

Ask for a free quote

We study all requests, from the simplest to the most complex. We communicate exclusively in English and French.

Answer of principle within 48 hours maximum.


More informations

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