Frequently asked questions

› Is it possible to synchronize JSlideshow with other programs or events?

Yes. JSlideshow can be fully synchronized with any DOM event or any Javascript code. It is possible to create a 100% automated slideshow or, conversely, to control it partially or completely by calling the desired functions from the outside.

› Is it possible to create a "slider" animating HTML code?

Yes. This possibility will be integrated soon in future versions. In the meantime, it is quite possible to create a "slider" that can animate HTML elements and control the playback or the stopping of the slideshow by calling the functions of JSlideshow.

› Is it possible to play a video with JSlideshow?

Yes. The ability to add videos directly in the playlist will be integrated from the next versions. In the meantime, it is quite possible to integrate a video using the many possibilities offered by Phaser.

› Is it possible to disable or change the loading screen?

Yes. All aspects of the slideshow are editable, and the loading screen does not escape the rule. To facilitate this change, the loading screen is represented in the code by a "class" (object) that can easily be replaced by another.

› Do I have the right to modify the program?

Yes. Modification of the program is allowed to all holders of a legally acquired license. The use of this modified version is obviously allowed. Be careful, however, it is forbidden to redistribute the program to a third party without it being radically changed, free or not.

› Do I have the right to integrate JSlideshow in a program that I distribute?

Yes. The integration of JSlideshow into a program is allowed to all holders of a legally acquired license, whether it is an open-source program or not, free or not. This authorization concerns all types of programs since JSlideshow only has one secondary element, and not the main element. In other words: it is forbidden to redistribute a program whose only usefulness or interest would be the photo slideshow.

› Do I have the right to redistribute JSlideshow?

No. The redistribution of the program is strictly prohibited without the program having been radically changed, whether the redistribution is paying or free.

› Is it possible to obtain a special redistribution authorization for themes developers?

Yes. We can collaborate with developers of free or premium themes / templates. For more information, do not hesitate to get in touch with us using the contact form or our email address.

› Do you create customized slideshows for clients?

Yes. JSlideshow is distributed with all the necessary documentation, demos, and support, but we also offer a custom slide show creation service on all compatible media. A custom creation allows the addition of 100% unique graphics, effects, animations or interactions. For any further information or to request a quote, do not hesitate to get in touch with us using the contact form or our email address.

› Is it possible to request special features for future versions?

Absolutely. Customer satisfaction being our priority, we are listening to their opinions, feedback, comments and ideas. If a bug is discovered, we will make the necessary corrections as quickly as possible. And if an idea is deemed useful, we will integrate it.

› Does JSlideshow have dependencies?

JSlideshow only requires the Phaser open source library. The library is distributed with the program. JSlideshow has no other dependencies.

› Which version of Phaser is used by JSlideshow?

JSlideshow uses version 3 of Phaser and we do our best to integrate the latest version of Phaser with every update of JSlideshow.

› Do you support the development of Phaser?

Yes. Phaser is an excellent library distributed free of charge, but like any other program, it has required and still requires a lot of work. Phaser is an essential part of JSlideshow and offers countless possibilities of evolution / extension to it. It deserves to be supported financially and we do it as much as possible.

› Can I try the program before purchase?

Unfortunately no. Due to its Javascript design, it was impossible for us to distribute a limited trial version without risking the demo being redistributed by malicious people. We broadcast a lot of information and several demos to demonstrate the capabilities of JSlideshow and its ease of use.

› Can I be refunded if the program does not suit me?

No. The purchase of a pack can not be refunded. If you have a problem with JSlideshow, we will do our best to help you resolve it.

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