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JSlideshow is a JavaScript-coded program dedicated to creating multimedia slideshows in an HTML canvas, designed to be both complete and flexible, while remaining extremely simple to use. A few lines of code are enough to create a modern slideshow with transitions. The many options available and the possibilities of modification / extension of the code allow a customization of the slide show or a more advanced use.

JSlideshow includes all the tools you need to create a slideshow:

Easy configuration & integration
More than 40 transitions animations
Management of multi-layer scenes
Animations of the cameras, scenes and graphics: zoom, rotation etc ...
Management of the order of appearance of the scenes / images with possibility of random reading
Choice of transitions between two scenes / images
Management of the order of reading transitions with possibility of random reading
Management of playlists ("Playlist")
Import of playlists in XML format (text and file)
Documentation in English and French

JSlideshow uses the Phaser 3 open source library, which makes it easier to understand, modify, extend, and even integrate into a Phaser project.

The source code is fully documented in English, and the program is provided with several pages of documentation, help, tutorials, demos, in French and English.

JSlideshow is distributed under a free license giving any holder of a legally owned license the right to use, modify and even redistribute the code (redistribution limited to certain strict conditions).Read more...

Using the program

JSlideshow is a very simple program to use. Just import the ".js" file into the HTML document and add a small script describing the program's configuration and the contents of the slideshow.

The content of the slideshow can be described as Javascript code, file or XML text.

Several tutorials, examples or demos are available in the premium area of ​​this site.

About the code

JSlideshow is written in Javascript, in "object-oriented programming". The source code is about 200 KB in its full version, without Phaser. It is divided into several files and is fully documented in English. It is available in several forms:

The complete source code, in several files, without Phaser.
The compiled and minimized code, without Phaser.
The compiled and minimized code, phaser included.

These different versions offer the user the possibility to choose the version most adapted to his needs. The compiled version including Phaser makes it possible to directly include JSlideshow in a web page or application, the other versions being more adapted to the users wishing to understand the operation of the program, to modify it or to extend it.

About the offer

JSlideshow is a program intended for free use. It is OPEN SOURCE and distributed under free license giving any holder of a legally owned license the right to use, modify and even redistribute the code (redistribution limited to certain conditions). We market access to download, source code, documentation and demos to fund the ongoing enhancement of the program, the addition of new transitions or features, and this website.

The purchase of a pack allows you to access the private area of ​​this website for the duration of the pack and thus access the download, documentation, various tutorials and demos. A legally acquired license (by the purchase of a pack) obviously allows you to download and use all new versions, updates, news, proposed during the duration of the pack.

Access to premium space.
Unlimited download of program, source code, documentation and demos.
Right to use / modify the program, unlimited in time.
Free updates.
Technical support.
Direct contact with the developers.
Offers limited in time depending on the duration of the pack purchased.
Offer not limited in time, unlike the rest of the pack.
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More informations

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