Learn more about licensing

Licenses purchased on the site work as a virtual ticket giving you several rights. They allow:

  • Access to the premium space for the entire duration defined in the offer
  • Download the program, the source code, documentation, help, demos, tutorials ...
  • Right to use, modify, integrate and redistribute the JSlideshow program (redistribution under certain conditions)
  • Free update for the duration of the license
  • Privileged technical support with the developers: by email, forum, messaging


A purchased license allows you to download JSlideshow as many times as you want for the duration of the license. It allows you to view, edit and use the program and source code as much as you want for an unlimited time.

A purchased license allows you to use the program, as is or modified, on a device, website, or embedded in an application. To use the program or code on multiple media, devices, sites, applications, you have been asked to purchase a license per media / device.

It is forbidden to redistribute the program as it is or any premium content. It is forbidden to redistribute the program JSlideshow or the source code without the code has been RADICALLY changed, or it is integrated into an application that changes its nature (eg: video game, interactive menu etc. .. .). It is strictly forbidden to create a slideshow / slideshow program based on JSlideshow.

Premium space

The premium space is a secure area of ​​the site, accessible only to registered users who have purchased a right of access. It provides easy access to downloads, documentation, tutorials and demonstrations.

The premium space is always available and is easily found on the site with several links or via the area My account.


To purchase one or more operating licenses for JSlideshow, simply go to the "Shop" area and select the desired pack. After validation of your basket, you will be asked to proceed to the payment via the PAYPAL secure payment system.

Your licenses and your access to the premium space will be activated as soon as payment is confirmed by the PAYPAL payment system. This operation is automatic and may take a few minutes.