30 May 2019

After several weeks of work on the documentation, the demos, the site itself, the first version of the JSlideshow store is finally online and open.

This site has been designed and designed to provide you with a simple and efficient service, as well as the maximum information on the program and the commercial offer that we offer. It has an open section, containing several pages of information and demos, and a private section, called premium space, reserved for customers, containing downloads and other premium content.

The site is fully secure. It has a secure HTTPS connection. Payments are made using the secure services of PayPal.

For more comfort, the site also offers a forum, a commenting system, and a "Contact" page, which allow any user to communicate directly with us.

For security reasons, and to avoid unwanted messages, the post messages in the forum or in the comments are limited to registered users. Registration is free, no ads, and no commitments.

We hope you find all the necessary information on this site.

Program side, the launch of the site is the occasion of a big update for JSlideshow, which is now fully documented in English and has more than 40 transitions and a brand new XML playlist system.

On the project side, the follow-up is already on track, as we will be distributing a new update in the coming weeks, containing several classic improvements, such as dozens of additional transitions. But we also hope to distribute in web access and download the first version of our WYSIWYG premium editor, which will be offered in future versions of the pack.

Thank you for your interest, and remember that if you have suggestions, questions, about this site, JSlideshow or our offer, you can now use our forum, comment on this article, or use the contact form.


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